The blade shafts are constructed of custom-milled, solid 316SST metal.  Daniel Mechanical’s zero-leakage DanELAST damper utilizes a specially formulated elastomer with corrosion resistance equal to and/or superior to EPDM, Hypalon, and even Viton.

No circumferential blade seals are required to achieve a full shutoff of the zero-leakage DanELAST isolation damper.  This is largely due to the innovative design and expert hand craftsmanship of each key part.  By constructing the unitary FRP blade to exact tolerances and without a commonly used circumferential blade seal, the weakest part of the damper is eliminated, thus improving its reliability.  No blade stops are utilized, decreasing the pressure loss across the damper when in the full open position.  Each zero-leakage DanELAST damper is factory tested to operating pressures exceeding 30 inches w.g.  Leakage rates are tested using AMCA 500-D procedures, and the certified ratings are authorized by AMCA.
Zero-leakage DanELAST dampers enhance safety by providing greater isolation of process air during shutdown of low pressure exhaust system duct lines conveying hazardous air streams. When dealing with confined space entry conditions, use of zero-leakage DanELASTTM isolation dampers may reduce safety risks caused by contaminant air leaks.