Daniel Mechanical provides filament wound FRP corrosion resistant tanks typically used for NaOCl and NaOH solution storage. All tanks are designed to be installed either above grade or buried. Access ports and overflow valves are standard features in Daniel Mechanical FRP tanks.


All of the scrubber vessels are constructed of FRP, with interior linings of premium grade vinyl ester corrosion layers. Each scrubber is provided as a monolithic unit with all appurtenances, attached and/or included. Custom flanged inlets, stacks, mist eliminators, access ports, lifting and tie-down lugs, packing, recirculation pumps, nozzles, PVC piping, pressure guages, flow meters, pH/ORP sensors and analyzers, and chemical metering pumps are included. A comprehensive operation and maintenance manual along with on-site training by our qualified technicians facilitates daily operation and minimizes maintenance. A one year full warranty maintenance package accompany Daniel Mechanical scrubber systems.