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Daniel Company Installations

City of Lubbock, TX  BTF System 6,400 CFM

In a recent air performance test, the BioDAN odor control system in Lubbock, Texas has demonstrated over 99% hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency. The system consists of a 12-foot diameter by 32 feet high BTF vessel, water recirculation system, water panel, control panel, fans, dampers and ductwork, instrumentations, and accessories.

Prior to testing the 6,400 cfm BioDAN, the actual airflow was increased and maintained at 13,100 cfm. At average of 200 ppm and peak at 500 ppm of hydrogen sulfide, the system successfully removed more than 99% of hydrogen sulfide.

Orange County, CA  BTF Systems  188,000 CFM

Jefferson/La Cienega  ECIS SIPHON ATF  20,000 CFM

The City of Los Angeles, California has worked to improve odor control over the past several years by constructing Air Treatment Facilities (ATFs) located strategically along the existing wastewater collection system. As a critical partner in these efforts, Daniel Company was selected as the supplier of an advanced odor control scrubber system located near the ECIS Siphon at the Jefferson Boulevard-La Cienega Boulevard intersection. This system includes five 12-foot diameter Biotrickling Filters and eight 12-foot diameter Carbon Adsorber polishers, treating an airflow rate of 20,000 CFM. Designed to function 24 hours a day with minimal operator input, the odor control system at Jefferson/La Cienega has been a success, leading to the construction of similar facilities throughout the city with Daniel Company continuing as a key partner.

As seen from the above photo, the bottom of the structure is below grade. Despite each of the five vessels towering approximately 30 feet, only the very top parts of the vessels are seen.

NCOS ATF, CA BTF Systems 10,000 CFM

Based on the success of Daniel Company’s odor control system at the Jefferson/La Cienega Air Treatment Facility, the City of Los Angeles, California has once again selected Daniel Company as the supplier of an advanced odor control scrubber system. Daniel company provided three 12-foot diameter Biotrickling Filters to the NCOS Air Treatment Facility, treating an airflow rate of over 10,000 CFM. Building on Daniel Company’s proven track record of treating foul air using biological treatment processes, the odor control system at NCOS has dramatically reduced odors to the satisfaction of the City and its residents. As a committed partner, Daniel Company continues to provide end-users with the Engineering and Manufacturing expertise they seek when it comes to design, manufacture, and implementation of Biological odor control equipment.

City of Richmond, VA BTF Systems 15,000 CFM

The City of Richmond, Virginia Department of Public Utilities is the owner and operator of a wastewater treatment plant located adjacent to James River. As part of a facility upgrade, Daniel Company was selected as the supplier of a new multi-stage odor control system consisting of Biotrickling Filters, Carbon Adsorbers, and related equipment. The system is designed to treat an airflow rate of 15,000 CFM and includes a total of four 12-foot diameter FRP vessels, a nutrient addition system, and an advanced PLC-based control system all supplied and integrated by Daniel Company’s Engineering team.

Hyperion Treatment Plant, CA BTF Systems 500 CFM

Through a joint effort between Daniel Company and the City of Los Angeles, a test unit consisting of 4 identical reactor vessels was designed and manufactured to test different types of media. Knowledge gained from the testing will be used at Air Treatment Facilities where odors from hydrogen sulfide and VOC’s are major issues.

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