Daniel Company | NCOS ATF, CA BTF Systems 10,000 CFM
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NCOS ATF, CA BTF Systems 10,000 CFM

Los Angeles
About This Project

Based on the success of Daniel Company’s odor control system at the Jefferson/La Cienega Air Treatment Facility, the City of Los Angeles, California has once again selected Daniel Company as the supplier of an advanced odor control scrubber system. Daniel company provided three 12-foot diameter Biotrickling Filters to the NCOS Air Treatment Facility, treating an airflow rate of over 10,000 CFM. Building on Daniel Company’s proven track record of treating foul air using biological treatment processes, the odor control system at NCOS has dramatically reduced odors to the satisfaction of the City and its residents. As a committed partner, Daniel Company continues to provide end-users with the Engineering and Manufacturing expertise they seek when it comes to design, manufacture, and implementation of Biological odor control equipment.