Daniel Company | Engineering Services
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Engineering Services


We specialize in the design and manufacture of air pollution control systems

and corrosion resistant air exhaust and collection systems.

Custom Designs

With a strong team of professional, licensed engineers, years of experience, and certification in multiple states, our office is ready to design a system to meet your unique needs. We custom tailor our systems to best suit your application.

In-House Manufacturing

All of our products are made in the USA. Our production facility is uniquely equipped to produce a wide range of FRP products to the highest standard of quality.

Turnkey Solutions

Beyond simply providing odor control vessels, our engineering team designs a comprehensive system that includes control panels, pumps, fans, and other necessary equipment & accessories.

Technical Support

Our qualified & dedicated team of engineers is available to help you find the best solution to your odor control & equipment problems.

Training Services

We provide professional training that ranges from installation of FRP ductwork to complete long-term system operation and maintenance.


We are committed to ensuring that our products are always operating to their highest potential.


With a mobile pilot system, we have the unique ability to allow you to test on site with various types of media technologies, allowing a permanent system to be designed for site specific needs.

Have a question? We’re here to help and give solutions to your needs.