Daniel Company | DanADSORB Carbon Adsorbers
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DanADSORB Carbon Adsorbers


The DanADSORB system provides a cost-effective method for air treatment for low to moderate odor concentrations when considering capital and operating expenditures. The DanADSORB vapor adsorption systems combine premium corrosion resistant construction with the latest in carbon technology to solve a host of hazardous industrial air pollution control problems. The DanADSORB’s high degree of operational reliability and minimal maintenance make it ideal for sensitive applications at remote facilities requiring odor control. The DanADSORB is suited for a wide variety of environmental air treatment applications, including water and wastewater collection/treatment systems, biogas, landfills, food processing facilities, etc.

DanADSORB Single Bed Series

The DanADSORB Single-Bed Series by Daniel Company features a single high-capacity vapor phase carbon media deep bed for odor adsorption. This design allows for a low profile system.


DanADSORB Dual Bed Series

The DanADSORB Dual-Bed Series by Daniel Company features two vertically stacked high-capacity vapor phase carbon media deep beds for odor adsorption. This design allows for higher flow capacity with a smaller overall footprint.


DanADSORB Radial Series

The DanADSORB Radial Series by Daniel Company features a vertical-radial type high-capacity vapor phase carbon media bed for odor adsorption. Radial type carbon adsorbers allow for greater adjust-ability in airflow and much higher flow rates than conventional deep bed type adsorbers.


DanADSORB Skid Mounted Series

The DanADSORB Skid-Mounted Series by Daniel Company features skid-mounted, high-capacity vapor phase carbon adsorber units. This series offers the user a fully integrated turnkey system that – by virtue of its modular and preassembled design – requires minimum installation and maintenance. This system is ideal for temporary installations & drop shafts.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


  • Corrosion and ultraviolet resistant materials of construction ensure long-life
  • Engineered to delete problematic nutrient and chemical feed systems
  • 1-year warranty comes standard


  • Automated process substantially reduces operator management
  • High-capacity carbon decreases frequency of media change-out and related maintenance requirements


  • Composite vessel construction is fire-retardant as defined by NFPA-91.
  • Use of non-impregnated carbon eliminates the risk of caustic bed fires
  • Zero-leakage technology isolates system components

Efficiency and Economy

  • Utilizing high-capacity customized activated carbon achieves optimal contaminant removal efficiency
  • Instantly adjusts to fluctuations in concentrations of influent pollutants
  • Use of efficient blower design lowers electrical consumption